The 5 Finger Diet By Dr. Allan

Drip It Off

You probably know that as our body sweats, it is flushing out water loaded with electrolytes (salt), but did you know that when you sweat you also drip out fatty acids, fat soluble toxins, proteins and even small amounts of heavy metals stored up in fat cells under the skin? These chemicals drip out from your apocrine sweat glands when you are stressed, while your eccrine sweat glands expel mostly electrolytes (salt) and water. Together these glands keep you cool 24 hours a day, though you may not even notice you are sweating.

Working up a good sweat once a day can help you expel excess salt and various unwanted toxins. Of course you will need to drink plenty of pure, clean water to wash away these unwanted agents and force a cleansing from the inside out. Remember, the goal is to maintain the perfect level of hydration of the purest, cleanest plasma while shedding pounds of various toxic elements through the biggest organ of the body (your skin).

A grown man should drink about 120ounces or 15 cups or 1 gallon of water daily.

A grown women should drink about 100ounces or 12 cups or 3/4 of a gallon daily.

Fluid retention (swelling) can occur if your diet is not well balanced, and toxins can build up if you don’t give them an outlet. Through sweating and adequate fluid replacement, you can avoid these unhealthy pitfalls and your metabolism will function more efficiently and reward you with more energy. Working up a good sweat with exercise will rev-up your metabolism, detoxify your fat cells and purify your plasma, all as you continue losing weight.

Also beneficial are the sauna, steam bath and hot tub for sweating (not recommended for persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure or women who are or may be pregnant). These kinds of spa treatments are a great way to “drip it out” and a great way to relax, meditate or have fun! If you can, take a trip to the spa at least once a month. Otherwise, put on a pair of sweats or your favorite exercise clothes and do some brisk activities at home. High humidity will make you sweat even more. Keep it up for about half an hour as you rehydrate frequently with water.

Be sure to wash off in the shower soon after you’re done with your sweating activity. You don't want to keep those toxins hanging around any longer than they need to. After a good sweat and shower, drink a nice big glass of water and you will feel cleansed, refreshed and vibrant. And yes, you will have lost weight. Not just water weight, but a noxious cocktail of metabolic byproducts, fat, chemicals, toxins and salt.

CAUTION: If you feel you are becoming dehydrated (you feel weak, dizzy, overheated or disoriented), simply get to a cool dry place fast and grab a sports drink to replenish your fluid and electrolytes without delay.

Note: Professional boxers and wrestlers can sweat out 10 to 20 pounds in just two to three days prior to the weigh-in for a fight. They can also put the weight back on within a day by drinking sports drinks and eating high carb meals. This just proves how much water can move in and out of you in just a short period of time.

Drip It Off