A revolutionary approach to weight loss and aging

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I'm giving away this awesome Anti-Aging program absolutely free just because I know it really works and I want you to get in better shape and live a long and healthy life full of active fun long into the future.

I am positive that I have discovered the secret to simple and rapid weight loss and anti-aging and I want you to join me. Creating the 5 Finger Diet is my way of putting all the valuable information I have on weight loss and anti-aging into one place so that you and your family and easily put it into action

All Together Now

  • EAT 30 to 40 grams of fiber a day
  • SWEAT out the toxins and wash them away
  • BREATHE from your belly and practice to a fault
  • DRINK plenty of water and cut out the salt
  • STRENGTHEN your muscles and STRETCH every day
  • The 5 Finger Diet will blow you away

Pour it out -Urination

Just as in the Drip It Out method, the “Pour It Out” method is not about dehydrating, it is about rehydrating. By drinking enough pure, clean water each day, you can keep your body functioning optimally, like a finely-tuned machine. 

Drop it Off - Defecation

The first step to dropping weight is to prepare your body for its new lifestyle. We are going to do this by increasing the amount of fiber in your diet. There, see how simple the first step is!

Burn it up - Recreation

The more you “burn it up,” the more you can eat without gaining weight. The good news is, you don’t need to put on a sweat suit and a drive to the gym to have exercise in your life.

Blow it off - Respiration

Don't Blow Off this powerful step! It can help you get in excellent mental and physical condition in as little as 5 minutes daily. It seems unbelievable, but 70% of your body's waste is eliminated through breathing. Each and every day you breathe in and out an average of 27,000 times.

5 Finger Diet

Drip it out - Perspiration

You probably know that as our body sweats, it is flushing out water loaded with electrolytes (salt), but did you know that when you sweat you also drip out fatty acids, fat soluble toxins, proteins and even small amounts of heavy metals stored up in fat cells under the skin? 

The 5 Finger Diet By Dr. Allan