Dr. Allan

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My Name is Dr. Allan Hernandez. I am a board certified family physician who is currently developing a program that will revolutionize the way you think about weight loss and aging I call it the 5 Finger Diet and Anti-Aging Lifestyle.

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The 5 Finger Diet By Dr. Allan

Dr. Allan

Dr. Allan is a board certified family physician dedicated to the research and practice of excellent nutrition and delaying the process of aging. He began his medical career focused on plastic surgery, but after assisting in hundreds of major surgical procedures Dr. Allan realized cutting and sewing the body for cosmetic reasons didn’t make it any healthier and actually only added to the hazards of aging. He discovered that true change could only come from within and that a holistic approach, covering every aspect of good living, was the only way to become a healthier person.

Dr. Allan graduated from the Universidad Central Del Este as a medical doctor in 1996.  He has been researching the preventive measures of diet and anti-aging medicine since the late 90's.  In 2003 he created the first medical obesity treatment clinic at the University of Kansas Family Medicine Residency clinic in Junction City, Kansas. He served as lead consultant when Geary Community Hospital began its healthy dietary overhaul in 2003. Dr. Allan was awarded a plaque for valuable contributions to the Junction City Youth Clinic for teaching high school students the importance of adolescent nutrition and prevention of childhood obesity in June 2004. He completed his senior research thesis on "Discussions of Obesity Management with Rural Primary Care Physicians" in May, 2004. Later that year he attended a Holistic Family Practice Fellowship in Boca Raton Florida with Dr. Ken Woliner. There he learned to integrate modern medicine with a healthier holistic approach to disease prevention.

After returning to Miami, Dr. Allan was asked to be a contributor to the weight management and anti-aging programs at De-Age, the Anti-Aging Center of downtown Miami in 2006. De-Age was home to friend and mentor, Dr. Juan Remos, anti-aging pioneer of Miami, Florida. An active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M),

Currently, Dr. Allan resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and two beautiful children. Dr. Allan's wife, Ann is also a Board Certified Family Physician and a great inspiration to her husband. Together they enjoy living an anti-aging lifestyle and spending good times with family and friends. They love experimenting with healthier ways to make the same good ol' fashioned meals their mom's used to make. Dr. Allan is an avid surfer and works primarily as a Emergency Room Physician in Miami. He continues writing and is currently searching for the perfect literary agent and/or publishing company to bring the 5 Finger Diet to the entire country.